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Challenges in packaging coding


Coding is an important part of medicine packaging. Clear barcodes, QR codes, or marks can improve product packaging quality and ensure that products meet local regulations. Pharmaceutical manufacturers may face some challenges when coding their packaging, which we will detail in this article.

1. Challenges of packaging coding


1) Coding quality

Codes on the packaging should be legible and machine-readable. High-quality coding can ensure that products pass quality control inspections to avoid losses caused by production line downtime, ink consumption, and product waste.


2) Coding accuracy

To ensure that the codes are coded in the correct area, the products must be transported to the location of the coding machine in the same way, which requires automation and high precision of the packaging machine.


3) Type of packaging material

Different pharmaceutical packaging is suitable for varied materials, and manufacturers need to choose appropriate inks, solvents, and coding machines according to the packaging materials.


4) Production line speed

Pharmaceutical packaging is usually mass-produced. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must select appropriate packaging machines and coding machines and do a good job in product management and planning, to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of coding and avoid production line downtime due to errors.

2. Coding solutions


1) Laser printing

Laser printing can provide flexible, high-speed, high-quality coding on a variety of materials while saving ink and solvent costs.


2) thermal foaming

Thermal foam jet printing has excellent efficiency and low operating costs and can perform high-speed coding for fast-paced production lines.


3) thermal transfer

Thermal transfer can provide high-quality coding, and the printed patterns have excellent durability and are suitable for different types of materials.

Hoping Machinery’s roller-plate blister packaging machines are equipped with a laser printing function and use cursor alignment technology to ensure high accuracy in the coding process. We can also equip the packaging machine with different coding machines according to your needs. You can order our products or inquire about relevant information through the official website. Hoping Machinery looks forward to your visit!

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