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What is Tamper-Evident Packaging?


According to the United States FDA’s definition, tamper-evident packaging ” has one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.” The purpose of using tamper-evident packaging is to increase the safety of products to help protect consumers from potential hazards. Tamper-evident packaging is currently used in many pharmaceutical, food, and self-care products.


1. The origin of tamper-evident packaging


Medicine packaging did not adopt a tamper-evident design from the beginning. Tamper-evident packaging emerged from the notorious “Tylenol poisoning case”. In 1982, criminals put cyanide in Tylenol capsules in Chicago, killing at least seven people. Since the pharmaceutical packaging at that time did not have a tamper-evident design, criminals could easily open the packaging and restore it, but later consumers could not find the abnormality. After the “Tylenol poisoning case”, hundreds of imitation cases appeared in the United States, and tamper-evident packaging was written into law and became an industry standard.

2. Advantages of tamper-evident packaging


In addition to showing whether a medicine product on the shelf has been tampered with, tamper-evident packaging can have other benefits for manufacturers. Tamper-evident packaging reduces the risk of medicine being illegally opened, so manufacturers do not have to pay for a full product recall. In addition, tamper-evident packaging can demonstrate a manufacturer’s concern for consumers’ health, thereby increasing consumer loyalty to the brand.


3. Tamper-evident attribute of blister packaging


Blister packaging individually seals unit doses of medicine in blister sheets made of plastic, aluminum foil, or paper, and the user must break the seal to remove the medicine. This design ensures that consumers can see whether the medicine packaging has been opened, thereby reducing the chance of medicine tampering.

As a typical tamper-evident packaging, blister packaging can bring many benefits to enterprises and consumers, including improving product safety, reducing product recall rate, and enhancing user trust. Our products include several types of blister packaging machines. If you need blister packaging, please order our products, or consult relevant information through the official website. Hoping Machinery looks forward to your visit!

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