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Packaging of Solid Preparations


Solid preparations refer to medicine in a solid state such as tablets, capsules, and granules, and their packaging varies depending on the nature of the medicine. Due to the particularity of medicine, pharmaceutical products have stricter requirements on packaging materials. Through this article, we will introduce to you the commonly used packaging and the selection of packaging materials for various solid preparations.

1. Powder packaging


Powder medicine packaging mostly uses single-dose packaging bags. Its packaging materials can use paper, aluminum foil, and various composite materials that meet the requirements of medicine protection. You can also use plastic bottles or glass bottles to package powder medicine.


2. Granule packaging


Because granules are very sensitive to moisture, their packaging containers must have strong moisture resistance. Granules of medicine can be packaged in glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic film bags, or composite film bags.


3. Tablet and pill packaging


Pills are packaged in much the same way as tablets. In addition to traditional glass bottles, tablet packaging mostly adopts blister packaging, double aluminum foil packaging, cold stamping packaging, and plastic bottle (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester) packaging.


4. Capsule packaging


Capsules are divided into hard capsules and soft capsules. These two types of capsules need to be protected from impact, especially soft capsules that are easily damaged during transportation. Capsules are usually packaged in blisters. Soft capsules are prone to fungal growth under high temperatures and high humidity conditions, so the moisture resistance of packaging materials must be considered.


5. Suppository packaging


Suppositories are generally packaged in greaseproof paper cartons, and each suppository inside is packaged in aluminum foil. Suppositories can also be packaged in blisters, and sealing the suppository in the blister can prevent external contamination and preserve its performance. Since the melting point of suppositories is only slightly above room temperature, the thermal insulation properties of packaging materials must be considered.

Different solid preparations require different packaging to protect the medicine. If you have needs for medicine packaging, please contact us through the official website. Our products include blister machines, flow packaging machines, cartoners, and end-of-line packaging machines. Hoping Machinery looks forward to your visit!

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