Blister Line IXW800

IXW800 Intelligent Fully Servo High Speed Dual-Track Blister Line

Product Description

IXW800, a full servo blister line, is made up of a blister packaging machine, a flow packing machine and a cartoner (Connected by self-developed 2-D3 top-load robotics and 2-XTS12 directional rotary manipulator).

Product Features

  • Max capacity 800 blisters/min, 600 packs/min, 500 cartons/min[i]
  • Multiple function integration
  • PVC/Cold Alu auto splice (Flat Splice and Ironing Splice)
  • High-speed synchronous linkage matching
  • Beckhoff motion controller and CP3915  Industrial PC
  • Full servo drawing, stable and accurate operation
  • Self-developed 2-D3 Top-load Robotics and 2-XTS12 Directional Rotary Manipulator
  • Convenient mold change
  • Design in line with GMP requirements

[i] Production according to the standard plate size 80*57mm*mm

Main Technical Data


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