Cartoner XWZ120

XWZ120 Horizontal Cartoner

Product Description

Cartoner XWZ120 is an intermittent horizontal cartoning machine and is also suitable for food packaging, cosmetic packaging, and packaging in related industries.

This cartoner is suitable for food packaging, chemical packaging and packaging of related industries, with a wide range of use, short mold adjustment time, easy assembly and debugging. And according to the different requirements of users, the products can be changed regularly. This cartoner is suitable for the production of single variety in large quantity, and can also meet the production of multiple varieties in small quantity. The discharge port of the cartoner can be matched with various types of banding machines.

Product Features

  • Maximum capacity 120 cartons/min
  • Intermittent single pusher feeding
  • PLC control system and Siemens smart1000 (10 inches) HMI screen
  • Double-headed vacuum suction and discharge box
  • Quick size adjustment without replacement
  • Steel coding with optional coding machine
  • GMP compliant design

Product Description

· This cartoner adopts intermittent design, PLC control, simple structure and easy maintenance.

· The cartoning speed of the cartoning machine is high. However, the running speed of the packaging material is low, thus making the packaging material less sensitive to the running speed, the packaging material adaptability is increased, and the mechanical wear and tear of the machine is small

· Adopt leaflet automatic folding system and transfer device.

· The leaflets adopt a PLC-controlled wheeled cartoning system, which avoids the slipping of the leaflets caused by the traditional cartoning mechanism due to the lack of synchronization.

· The cartoning system is intermittent and is equipped with a push-loading overload protection function to protect the blister and leaflet from being safely loaded into the carton.

· This cartoner is more convenient to adjust and maintain. A variety of closing methods and other devices are optional. Replace different sizes of cartons without changing the mold, only adjust the positioning according to the size of the carton.

· Security:

  If there is no carton, the blister will not enter the carton, and the whole machine will automatically stop and sound the alarm.

  If there is no manual, the blister will not enter the carton and the empty carton will be rejected. The whole machine will stop automatically and sound the alarm.

  If there is no blister board, the carton and manual will be waiting. The whole machine will stop automatically and sound the alarm.

Technical Data

*The above parameters are for reference only, please contact sales for actual parameters.


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