XW8400 Intelligent Reciprocating Double Track Flow Packing Machine

Product Description

XW8400 is a flow packing machine using reciprocating end-sealing and cutting technology with high speed, high precision, and high stability features. The machine has a simple design, stable operation, and high precision, and is suitable for various types of products.

XW8400 reciprocating flow packing machine with high speed, high precision, high stability characteristics, the use of touch screen makes the operation more simple and intuitive, optimized operating height, and equipped with a transparent safety shield to provide noise protection, so that in the production process to have good visibility of the product, but also to meet the high standards of safety strict requirements. The design meets the specific requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for hygiene, line headroom and validation.

Product Features

  • Maximum capacity 400 packs/min
  • Reciprocating end sealing and cutting
  • Double four-axis servo control
  • PID automatic temperature control system
  • PLC control system and Siemens TP900 (9 inch) HMI screen
  • Double-axis film supply, automatic film splicing without stopping
  • GMP compliant design

Technical Data

*The above parameters are for reference only, please contact sales for actual parameters.


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