Blister Machine DPP250F III

DPP250F III Intelligent Plate AL/PL/AL Blister Machine

Product Description

DPP250FIII is a blister machine in intermittent plate sealing principle and adds forming and sealing of tropical aluminum to the original process, which greatly improves the light avoidance and moisture resistance of the packaging. It is used for pharmaceutical packing, food packing, cosmetic packing, medical device packing, etc.

DPP250F III is the alu-pl-alu blister machine, blister machines of this series can be equipped with rejection&detection device, eyemark register (This function is not available for machines with edgeless punching) and other devices according to customer needs. This machine realizes the high requirements of customers for pharmaceutical packaging, such as light avoidance and moisture resistance, and makes the appearance of pharmaceuticals more perfect. It is suitable for the packaging of tablets, capsules and other dosage forms.

Product Features

  • Max capacity 105 blisters/min[i]
  • Intermittent plate sealing
  • Different feeding methods depend on customer needs
  • PLC control system and Siemens smart 700 (7 inches) HMI screen
  • Servo drawing and mechanical drawing, stable operation, adjustable stroke (optional dual servo drawing)
  • Convenient mold change
  • Scrap material collection
  • Design in line with GMP requirements

[i] Production according to the standard plate size 98*70mm*mm

Product Description

· The molds of the blister machine are positioned by keyway and fixed by pressing plate. Don’t need to adjust the parallelism and left/right movement when installing the forming mold and heat-sealing mold, so it is more convenient to change the mold

· This blister machine adopts variable frequency speed control: (its punching speed can be available from 20 to 50 times/min) Setting the corresponding punching times according to the length of stroke and the difficulty of filling materials, etc.

· The stroke of the blister machine is adjustable. And the servo traction device is optional.

· This blister machine adopts compressing pair heating-plates, which shortens the heating length of the plastic film and reduces the heating power and temperature, thus enhancing the stability of the plastic film.

· Upper and lower mesh plates (concave and convex) cooperate for heat sealing (also can be line seal), due to equal stress, the curling phenomenon of blisters is avoided, meanwhile the sealing performance is improved.

· All parts in contact with medicine are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials and are meeting “GMP” requirements.

· The production line with EMERGENCY STOP device, electronic counting, batch number, punching, automatic stopping and alarming if the film is used up or broken, etc. And has a smooth process and intuitive production process.

Technical Data

*The above parameters are for reference only, please contact sales for actual parameters.


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