Cartoner XWZ400

XWZ400 Intelligent High Speed Cartoner

Product Description

Cartoner XWZ400 is a continuous type of intelligent high-speed cartoning machine and is also suitable for food packaging, cosmetic packaging and packaging in related industries.

Product Features

  • Maximum capacity 400 cartons/min
  • Continuous multi-pusher feeding
  • PLC control system and Siemens TP900 (9 inches) HMI screen
  • Three-head vacuum suction and discharge box
  • Quick size adjustment without replacement
  • Steel coding, optional coding machine
  • GMP compliant design

Product Description

· The cover of this cartoner is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy tempered glass protective door. The aluminum alloy tempered glass protective door has built-in Schneider door magnetic switch (CE-certified). If the protective door is opened during the production process, the machine will automatically stop working to ensure the safety of the operators.

· The whole cartoner adopts continuous cartoning, and the cartoner is in smooth running condition for cartoning, and the noise and load of mechanical operation are minimized.

· The program adopts PLC for the whole process of automatic monitoring to ensure 100% qualified finished product output at the discharge port. And automatic counting is displayed on the screen.

· This cartoner adopts a number of highly reliable mechanical overload automatic protection devices, so that the cartoner can protect itself from damage in the event of an unexpected situation during operation.

· No need to change parts when changing products. Products can be directly converted through the adjustment mechanism, each adjustment part uses the grip to adjust the set screw for fastening, easy to operate.

· All parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, in compliance with “GMP” requirements.

· Security:

  If there is no carton, the blister will not enter the carton, and the whole machine will automatically stop and sound the alarm.

  If there is no manual, the blister will not enter the carton and the empty carton will be rejected. The whole machine will stop automatically and sound the alarm.

  If there is no blister board, the carton and manual will be waiting. The whole machine will stop automatically and sound the alarm.

Technical Data

*The above parameters are for reference only, please contact sales for actual parameters.


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