Product Description

XWK4060 stretch banding machine is a new generation of end-of-line packaging machine developed by us to meet the needs of our customers. Widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry cartoning product combination bundling. The machine's electric control system adopts imported electrical components, and the main mechanism drive is pneumatic + servo motor, which has the characteristics of fast packaging speed, stable running, easy to change molds and simple operation. And it can be connected to a packaging line with Blister Machines, Cartoners, and Case Packers.

Product Features

· This stretch banding machine is equipped with automatic film splicing device, which can detect the film to achieve fully automatic splicing, saving time and speeding up efficiency.

· This stretch banding adopts laser to detect the carton feeding in place, with high sensitivity, simple and convenient hand wheel adjustment.

· The moving parts of this stretch banding machine are driven by servo motors, with low noise and high precision.

· Equipped with an external integrated electrical cabinet, in line with international standards, effectively avoiding electrical appliances being affected and damaged by mechanical parts. It is beneficial to the maintenance and repair of the machine and the wiring and beauty of the whole machine.

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