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Unit-dose packaging trends are driving demand for blister packaging


Unit-dose packaging is a form of packaging that separates and seals unit doses of medication. This packaging method improves the protective effect of medicine, thereby avoiding cross-contamination. At present, unit-dose packaging has become a trend in pharmaceutical packaging, and blister packaging as a typical example is becoming the choice of more pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Blister packaging as a unit-dose packaging format offers the following advantages:


1. Improve Medication Adherence


Blister packaging packs medicine separately according to dosage, which makes it easy for patients to take medicines, especially elderly patients. Blister packaging can help patients take a fixed dose of medication accurately, thereby reducing the risk of taking the wrong dose.


2. Suitable for dispensing and retailing


Unit-dose packaging makes it easier for doctors to dispense and check medication, preventing patients from taking the wrong medicine or re-dosing it. In addition, retailers can ensure that other medicines in the package are not affected when distributing prescription medicines or using the medicine.


3. Avoid cross-contamination


Blister packaging prevents the inevitable contamination of all medications inside when a package is accidentally damaged. The packaging form of the unit dose enables the medicine in the blister to be separated independently, and the contamination of a single medicine will not affect other medicines, which can help pharmaceutical manufacturers reduce losses and enhance the protection of medicine.


4. Clinical Trials


With the increase in clinical trials, more pharmaceutical manufacturers are using blister packaging. Blister packaging separates medicine into unit doses, which makes it easier to study the dosage range of the medicine, and it will be more convenient to control and count the daily dosage of patients.


5. Regulatory system


The regulatory system for medicine in various regions is becoming increasingly perfect, and stricter regulations are being introduced and implemented. The requirement for the content of pharmaceutical ingredients in many regions has led more pharmaceutical manufacturers to use blisters to package their products. For example, U.S. requirements for the amount of iron in iron supplements and regulation of chemicals used to produce methamphetamine have led manufacturers to turn to blister packaging to control the number of medicine ingredients in unit doses.

Due to the above reasons, unit-dose packaging is being used by more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers, and the market size of blister packaging is on the rise. If your products need to use blister packaging, welcome to browse our various models of blister packaging machines through the official website or contact us for professional purchasing advice. Hoping Machinery looks forward to your visit!

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