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Is cold form blister packaging suitable for your product?


The cold forming blister is a blister packaging made of PTP aluminum foil and cold forming foil. Cold forming blister has been used by more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers to package products due to its aesthetic appearance and good barrier properties. On the other hand, the higher packaging material cost of cold forming blisters has discouraged many pharmaceutical manufacturers and wondered whether they should use it. Before you make a decision, take a look at our analysis.

To introduce the cold forming blister, it is necessary to mention the cold forming foil used in its base. Like most pharmaceutical packaging, cold forming blister originated in the field of food packaging. It was first used for jam packaging, and then its bottom material was continuously optimized until the late 1970s before it developed into the OPA/ALU/PVC structure that we now commonly see.


As a high-barrier blister packaging material, cold forming foil has an excellent barrier effect on water vapor, oxygen, and ultraviolet rays. Cold forming foil has the same characteristics of easy molding as PVC, but its barrier effect can reach 60 times that of PVC. In addition, cold forming blister does not need to be heated to seal, so if your product contains heat-sensitive ingredients, you will not have to worry about the effects of temperature during packaging on the quality of the drug. To sum up, the characteristics of high barrier properties and cold forming make the medicines packaged in cold forming blister have good stability.


Cold form blister packaging is not perfect, it consumes more material when packaging the same number and size of tablets or capsules, and the cold-formed process limits the production speed of blisters. As a composite material, the price of cold forming foil is much higher than that of PVC, and its opacity also makes it difficult to detect the quality of medicines.


Combined with the above analysis, we believe that the use of cold forming blisters should be determined by the characteristics of the drug. The cold forming blister is a good option for drugs that are susceptible to moisture, oxidation, and contain heat-sensitive ingredients. However, if your product does not have such requirements for packaging materials, you can consider another lower-cost packaging.


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