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Aluminum products are used in pharmaceutical packaging


Metal packaging material refers to a material that presses metal into thin sheets for commodity packaging after special treatment. It is one of the most used materials for medicine packaging. There are many types of metal packaging materials, but due to the particularity of medicine and the strict requirements, the metal materials used in medicine packaging are only tin-plated steel sheets and aluminum products, among which aluminum products are the most widely used.


1. Application of aluminum products


Aluminum products in pharmaceutical packaging are aluminum foil and aluminum tubes, which are used in the packaging of solid or semi-solid preparations such as tablets, capsules, granules, creams, ointments, and gels. In addition, aluminum products can also be combined with plastic materials to make aluminum-plastic bottle caps, and then used in combination with glass containers.

2. Aluminum tube and aluminum foil


1) Aluminum tube

The flexible aluminum tube is softened and used as packaging containers for creams, ointments, gels, and other preparations. It is easy to open, and medicine can be taken in batches, so it is easy to control the dosage. The flexible aluminum tube has good resealability and a good protective effect on medicine.


2) Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is often used on blisters for packaging tablets or capsules, which has good barrier properties and is convenient for taking medicine. Blister aluminum foil can be processed quickly on a blister packaging machine, ideal for high-volume production.


Aluminum foil is often combined with polymer plastics, paper, or other metal sheets to make composite materials, which helps to improve the barrier properties of aluminum foil and broaden its application range. PTP aluminum foil has high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, and it is often used for packaging on the back of medicine boards or making bottle caps for medicine bottles. Blister aluminum foil is thicker than PPT aluminum foil, and its light-shielding and moisture-proof effects are also better.

Blisters using aluminum products have excellent barrier properties and can protect the medicine from moisture, oxygen, and light. Hoping Machinery’s blister packaging machines can produce several types of blisters at high speed and stably, including aluminum-plastic blisters, aluminum-aluminum blisters, and aluminum-plastic-aluminum blisters. If you have needs for medicine packaging, please contact us through the official website, and we will provide you with professional purchasing advice according to your needs. Hoping Machinery looks forward to your visit!

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