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Advantages and types of laser printing


Barcodes and labels on pharmaceutical packaging help enhance product compliance and traceability, ensuring that products meet production standards and reduce the chance of being counterfeited. At present, the common coding methods include thermal foaming, thermal transfer printing, and laser coding. Among them, laser coding, as a non-contact technology, is ideal for high-quality coding.


1.  Advantages of Laser Coding


●  The laser-etched marking is permanent, it will not wear or fade due to light or time.


● Laser coding is a chemical-free technology that does not require ribbons or inks as consumables, which is beneficial for manufacturers to save costs and achieve sustainable development.


● Lasers typically require minimal maintenance, which helps improve production line efficiency and uptime.


● Laser coding provides high-quality marking, including high-resolution text or graphics in different orientations.


● Laser coding has a wide range of applications, and it can be applied to static coding or dynamic coding on production lines at different speeds.

2.  Types of laser coding


● CO₂ laser

CO₂ lasers are versatile and can be applied to different types of substrates such as glass, paper, and clear PET. CO₂ lasers are the ideal solution for packaging coding in the pharmaceutical, food, beauty, and tobacco industries.


● Fiber laser

Fiber lasers have lower maintenance and operating costs and print more precisely than CO₂ lasers. Fiber lasers are suitable for engraving on metal and plastic surfaces.


● UV laser

UV lasers are the highest-resolution lasers of the three types. But UV lasers cause a non-thermal process change to the substrate while encoding, which means that the barrier properties of the inner layer of the flexible film and the area surrounding the code can be compromised.

Laser coding technologies can be excellent for coding pharmaceutical packaging, and packaging machines equipped with lasers can help manufacturers simplify production steps and increase production efficiency. Hoping Machinery’s various cartoners and flow packaging machines are equipped with laser coders, which can print barcodes and logos for pharmaceutical packaging boxes. If you have needs for pharmaceutical packaging, welcome to choose your favorite product on the product page of our official website. Hoping Machinery is looking forward to your visit!

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