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What type of packaging is required for your product after primary packaging?


After the tablets are produced, the drug manufacturer does the primary packaging for them. The primary packaging is in direct contact with the tablet, and the packaging material needs to be compatible with the tablet. This stage has strict requirements for environmental hygiene to ensure that the tablet is not contaminated. In addition to primary packaging, tablets will also go through multiple packaging processes to ensure that they can be stored and transported safely. This article will give you a detailed introduction to another packaging that your products may require besides the primary packaging.


Flow packaging

Flow packaging is a common packaging method for flexible packaging. Flow packaging is widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, and daily necessities. Flow packaging has the advantages of convenient use and low cost. Some drug manufacturers add a flow pack over the blister to improve the package’s seal and secure the blister inside the box to prevent them from unraveling during shipping. If you want to control costs while increasing the tightness of your packaging, flow packaging will be a good choice.


Cartoning is an important part of pharmaceutical packaging. This step is essential for products intended for retail sale, as most medicines end up in pharmacies or hospitals in boxed form. Steps such as placement of drug instructions, batch number printing, and indentation will also be completed in this stage, in addition, the excellent medicine box design is also an important means for manufacturers to improve brand recognition.


The bundling of the medicine box is usually done with plastic strapping or three-dimensional transparent film. The raw materials of plastic strapping include PVC, PE, PP, PET, etc., and the three-dimensional film refers to BOPP film and PVC film. The purpose of bundling is to keep the medicine box in a fixed state during shipment or storage, which can protect the box body and prevent the medicine box from being damaged due to collision.

Case packing

Packing is the last packaging procedure before the product is shipped, and it is also a relatively simple process. The bundled sets of medicine boxes are put into cartons in an orderly manner and will be shipped to various places after being sealed and palletized. Currently, most manufacturers choose to replace traditional manual packing with packing machines to save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Through the above introduction, we believe you have some understanding of the follow-up packaging of medicines. If you have this demand, welcome to browse our products through the official website. Our products include flow packaging machines, cartoners, stretch banders, and case packers with excellent performance. You can also order our blister lines or end-of-line packaging machines to complete multiple packaging at one time. If you have other questions, please contact us through the official website, and we will provide you with professional consulting services. Hoping Machinery looks forward to your visit!

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