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Advantages of using automated packaging machines


The global pharmaceutical industry is booming due to a growing global population, rising disposable income, and increased consumer awareness of their health. As the demand for medicines rises, pharmaceutical manufacturers’ requirements for product production speed and packaging quality are also increasing. Traditional manual packaging has been difficult to meet the needs of pharmaceutical production, and the development of automated machines has provided dedicated support for large-scale production of enterprises. Pharmaceutical packaging automation is becoming an irresistible trend.

1.  Applications of automation technology


A)  Transmission system

The transmission system is a key part of the automatic packaging machine, and its main function is to adjust the processing speed and control the production speed. Automation technology can improve the transmission system’s response speed, accuracy, and operating efficiency. Automation technology also helps reduce energy consumption in the transmission system operation and optimize production processes.


B)  Interactive interface

The interactive interface is an important platform for the operator to input production instructions. The interactive interface is used to set production parameters, monitor equipment operation status, and record production status, to provide a reference for equipment maintenance and operation.


C)  Motion control system

The motion control system of the automated packaging machine is operated by servo motors. High-performance servo controllers can increase the production speed of the machine and increase production precision while ensuring operations synchronization.


D)  Control system

At present, the mainstream control system of pharmaceutical packaging machines is the PLC control system, which has the advantages of flexible program design, excellent anti-interference ability, and high reliability. The control system has an important influence on the stability of automated production.


2.  Advantages of automated packaging machines


A)  Production speed

a)  Automated machines have higher production efficiency and better production continuity, and reduce the impact of human factors on production efficiency.

b)  Products are more flexible in terms of production and packaging. In the face of market fluctuations, pharmaceutical manufacturers can increase or decrease production capacity promptly.


B)  Product quality

a)  Product quality can be standardized.

b)  Automatic machines can intelligently screen out unqualified products, which facilitates timely error correction and improves traceability.

c)  Machine packaging can reduce the contact between medicines and the external environment, thereby avoiding contamination of medicines.


C) Production cost

a)  Machine packaging reduces labor costs, thereby improving economic efficiency.

b)  Automated machines improve resource utilization and reduce the consumption of packaging materials during packaging.

Automated machines have many benefits for product packaging, and the initial investment will bring value-added returns to producers soon. If you are looking for automated pharmaceutical packaging machines, welcome to browse our products through the official website. We have advanced equipment such as the DPH320H Ⅱ blister packaging machine, ICP12 end-of-line packaging machine, and the IXW800 link machine for you to choose from. We believe you can find a satisfactory machine from them. If you have other questions, please consult us through the official website. Hoping Machinery looks forward to your visit!

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