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Precautions to be taken for pharmaceutical packaging

  • ·①The market competition for pharmaceutical products is becoming fiercer, and the scrutiny from the regulatory authorities is also becoming stricter. As an important part of pharmaceutical products, the packaging is one of the key elements affecting product quality. Pharmaceutical manufacturers should pay enough attention to product packaging. We have listed five points worthy of attention:

1. Keep medicines stable


Pharmaceutical packaging needs to maintain the efficacy of the medicine while meeting packaging standards in the region. When selecting materials for primary packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to consider the compatibility of the material with the medicine. For medicines containing sensitive ingredients, pharmaceutical manufacturers should choose packaging materials with excellent barrier properties to prevent the penetration of water vapor, oxygen, and ultraviolet rays.


2. Protective medicines


In addition to maintaining the stability of the medicine, the packaging should also provide sufficient external protection for the medicine to prevent damage to the medicine during transportation and storage. Pharmaceutical manufacturers should consider the size and shape of the medicine product and design the packaging to match it. Pharmaceutical manufacturers also need to select suitable packaging machines to achieve standardization of packaging quality. The quality of product packaging often affects the first impression of consumers, and good packaging helps to enhance brand trust.


3. Show essential information


Pharmaceutical packaging should provide sufficient information for patients and medical staff. The packaging should display key information such as medicine ingredients, expiration date, dosage, and prohibited population, to avoid health risks when the medicine is used. Additionally, a clear production serial or batch number helps enhance product traceability. The information displayed on the packaging should meet the requirements of the region where the product is sold, and the lack of necessary information will result in the product not being able to be successfully sold locally.

4. Meet regional standards


Different regions have different review standards for pharmaceutical products. When a pharmaceutical company sells the same medicine under different names in different regions, the task of medicine packaging becomes complicated. Pharmaceutical companies should make reasonable plans for medicine packaging on different production lines to ensure that they meet the standards of the corresponding sales regions.


5. Prevent Counterfeit Products


Pharmaceutical packaging should have security measures to indicate that the medicine is genuine. Counterfeit medicines on the market will not only affect the sales of products but more importantly, damage the brand image. At present, many companies choose to add scannable codes, holographic stickers, UV printing, etc. on the packaging to ensure that genuine medicines can be identified.


Pharmaceutical packaging is an important part of pharmaceutical products. Good packaging can ensure that pharmaceuticals enter the market smoothly and are used correctly. You can browse our products on the official website if you need to buy high-quality pharmaceutical packaging machines. Our products include blister packaging machines, flow packaging machines, cartoners, end-of-line packaging machines, blister lines, and other models, which can meet pharmaceutical packaging requirements at various stages. You can also contact us through the official website to get more product information. Hoping Machinery is looking forward to your visit!

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