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The development trend of pharmaceutical packaging


The global pharmaceutical industry is changing at an unprecedented rate, and pharmaceutical packaging is also advancing. The pharmaceutical packaging industry should have a sufficient understanding of the development trend of pharmaceutical packaging, to better face unknown opportunities and challenges. We have listed five development trends in pharmaceutical packaging to help you better understand the industry dynamics.


1.  The blister packaging demand will fluctuate to rise


Blister packaging is always active in the front line of pharmaceutical packaging. Blister packaging has unique advantages in portability, sealing, and customization, which makes blister packaging widely used in the modern pharmaceutical industry. The expansion of the global manufacturing industry and the increase in the prevalence of illness among the population will continue to drive the demand for blister packaging. On the other hand, changes in raw material costs caused by geopolitical tensions and economic turmoil caused by the epidemic will become challenges for blister packaging industry players to overcome. Overall, the blister packaging market will show a rising trend of volatility.


2. Rising demand for prefilled syringes


Comfortable lifestyles and increasing life expectancy have resulted in more diabetic and chronic disease patients. With the development of self-injection drugs, more patients began to use injectable drugs for self-medication. As an emerging pharmaceutical packaging product, prefilled syringes can avoid many unsafe factors caused by sub-packaging and syringes, and save the time of dispensing medicines, which brings great convenience to medical staff and patients. Due to the impact of the epidemic and the increase in self-medication groups, the injectable drug market is growing steadily, and the use of prefilled syringes is also on the rise.

3. Pharmaceutical packaging pays more attention to child protection


According to data from the European Alliance for Child Safety, in Europe, 3,000 children under the age of fourteen are acutely poisoned each year due to direct contact with pharmaceutical products. Therefore, the medical regulatory authorities have stricter scrutiny on pharmaceutical products to force manufacturers to take measures to reduce poisoning incidents caused by children accidentally ingesting drugs. Manufacturers are investing in innovative packaging that is more child-resistant, such as blister packs made of opaque materials that conceal medications, so children do not mistake them for candy.


4. Appearance and material become important


The OTC medicine market has become saturated, and competition between brands has become more intense. For manufacturers, how to gain the greatest influence on drugstore shelves at the least cost will become particularly important. In addition, the environmental protection requirements of governments in various regions are becoming increasingly stringent, and consumers’ awareness of environmental protection is also increasing. Manufacturers need to strike a balance between packaging appearance, practicality, and materials to find the best solution.

 5. Consumer engagement is valued


The coded logo on the package is a channel for brand owners to interact with consumers. This unique way of interaction is highly targeted. Manufacturers can share brand concepts, and product information through the QR code on the packaging, and consumers can scan the code to obtain guidance information related to drug use. More manufacturers are taking steps to increase consumer engagement and thereby improve brand trust.


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