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The prefilled syringe market is emerging


With the prevalence of high-value products such as biologics and antithrombotic, the demand for prefilled syringes is also growing. The COVID-19 pandemic has further spurred the growth of the prefilled syringes global market. Prefilled syringes have gradually become the choice of more medical practitioners due to their small size, portability, precise drug dosage, and minimal risk of contamination. So, what is a prefilled syringe? We will explain its features and advantages to you in detail.


1. What is a prefilled syringe?


The prefilled syringe is a new type of pharmaceutical packaging, and its material is medium borosilicate glass or cycloolefin polymer. A prefilled syringe consists of a sleeve, a piston, a push rod, a cone, and a needle cap. The needle-embedded prefilled syringe has an injection needle, and the cone head or screw head type does not have an injection needle. Prefilled syringes have gained popularity in recent years and are now a must-have product for injectables suppliers.

2. Uses for Prefilled Syringes.


Prefilled syringes are used for packaging vaccines, biological products, biochemical products, antithrombotic drugs, and beauty products, and can also be used for surgical flushing in ophthalmology, ear, orthopedics, and gynecology operations. The prefilled syringe is not a medical device, it is a part of the pharmaceutical packaging system and has the function of storing and injecting drugs.

3. Advantages of prefilled syringes


• Accurate dosage

The prefilled syringe minimizes liquid residue during use, which allows for more accurate dosing.


• No need for dispensing

The prefilled syringe can be directly used for injection, which avoids the user from causing injury to himself or operating errors during the dispensing process, thereby reducing the probability of wrong use of the medicine.


• Avoid medicine contamination

When using the prefilled syringe to inject the liquid medicine, it is only necessary to remove the needle cap for direct injection, and the liquid medicine will not be in contact with the air, thus avoiding contamination.


• Can be self-injected

Prefilled syringes provide accurate dosing and are easy to use, allowing patients with chronic conditions to self-medicate at home.


• Easy to transport and store

Prefilled syringes are easy to transport, store and handle, which can effectively reduce the cost of use.

Prefilled syringes usually require secondary and tertiary packaging before being put into use. Hoping Machinery’s IXW400 link machine specially developed for prefilled syringes can excellently complete the packaging task. In addition, we also have medical packaging equipment such as blister packaging machines, cartoners, and end-of-line packaging machines. You can contact us to get more product information. Hoping Machinery is looking forward to your visit!

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