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There are six common sealing structures for medicine boxes


The lid of the medicine box is the entrance for loading the medicine and the exit for the consumer to take the medicine, so its structural design requires easy assembly and easy opening. In addition, the sealing design of the medicine box should not only protect the product but also meet the opening requirements of specific packaging, such as multiple openings or one-time anti-counterfeiting opening methods.


The unfolded structure of the medicine box is mostly a whole. The lid and bottom of the medicine box must be folded and fixed or bonded during the molding process. The difference in the structure of the medicine box is reflected in the assembly method of the lid and the bottom. There are the following six common structures:

1.  Insert structure


the insert structure is the most common type of medicine box design. The lid of this medicine box is divided into three parts, and the extension part of the main lid is inserted into the box body to play a sealing role.

2.  Lock structure


The lock-type medicine box makes the sealing become firm by inserting and locking each other between the two side lids, but its assembly and opening are cumbersome.


3.  Insert and lock structure


A sealing structure that combines insertion and locking is stronger than the insertion type.


4.  Double insurance insert structure


This construction allows the side lids to be double snapped so they are very secure. In this structure, the occlusal opening of the side lid can be omitted, so that it can be opened and used repeatedly.

5.  Adhesive structure


This structure achieves a seal by heating the lid. This kind of medicine box has good sealing performance and is suitable for automated production, but it cannot be opened repeatedly.

6.  Disposable anti-counterfeiting structure


This kind of structure is based on heat sealing, and a toothed cutting line is designed on the box body. The package structure is destroyed when the consumer opens the package, thus preventing the medicine box from being used to create counterfeit products.

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