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Using blister packaging can improve multi-batch and small-batch production efficiencies


In different countries and regions, there are specific regulations and packaging requirements, which are used to standardize the printed text and content on drug packaging and instructions, traceable code system, and batch number expiration date. MIT Technology Review also stated in the “Top Ten Breakthrough Technologies of 2020” released in February 2020 that future drug indications will be gradually refined, rare disease drugs, personalized drugs, or high-value small There will be more and more batch products. It can be seen that small-batch packaging production has become an important trend in pharmaceutical packaging.

1.  Challenges of small-batch packaging production


The trend towards small-batch packaging production brings new challenges to the pharmaceutical industry: frequent changes in mold components can have the following negative effects:


●  Extend equipment downtime.


●  Reduce packaging line utilization.


●  reduce the operating efficiency of the equipment.


●  Drug unit costs are too high.

2.  Increased productivity with blister packaging


Blister packaging is a technology suitable for small-batch production. Whether it is solid preparation or liquid preparation, production efficiency can be improved through this packaging method. The advantages of blister packaging in small-batch and multi-batch production are as follows:


●  The difficulty of mold replacement is low, the human-computer interaction system is precisely adjusted, the body is easy to clean and maintain, and the production line plan can be quickly adjusted to improve the overall efficiency of the equipment.


●  The combined packaging process helps to realize the separation of the production process. The blister packaging process and the cartoning process are conducted separately to ensure that the production line does not stop, thereby avoiding the loss caused by the imbalance between equipment running time and downtime.


●  The linked blister production line is used to ensure the coordinated production of all links through intelligent and automated production methods. The blister packaging system and cartoning system can be adjusted in time, and the instructions, packaging boxes, and packaging codes can be adjusted according to needs.

How to improve the production efficiency of pharmaceutical packaging lines under multi-batch and small-batch production plans has become a common demand in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether in Europe, Southeast Asia, or China, pharmaceutical companies are looking for a set of effective processes and equipment to ensure that the packaging efficiency is always running at a high level even in the smallest batch, and blister packaging is undoubtedly a feasible way.

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