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Improving the Overall Quality of Trial Packs with Blister Packaging


In recent years, affected by the development of the Internet and e-commerce, the global market for facial makeup and facial care products has continued to expand. In 2020, the global facial care market was valued at USD 122.803 billion and is expected to reach USD 169.371 billion by 2027, while the facial cosmetics market value is expected to grow by USD 13.85 billion during 2022-2027. With fierce market competition, manufacturers have begun to provide more forms of trial packs to attract customers and enhance consumers’ experience by improving the packaging quality of trial packs.

More and more manufacturers are choosing to use blister packaging for their trial packs due to their tight seal, lightweight and lower cost. At present, there are already many skincare, make-up, and body care trial packs or combination packs in blister packaging on the market.


Advantages of using blister packaging:


1.  Good sealing. Blister packaging has excellent airtightness and water and oxygen barrier properties, which can prevent product properties from being damaged during storage.


2.  Lightweight texture. Blister packaging is lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport.


3.  Easy to open. The structure of the blister packaging allows consumers to easily open it and take out the product, which helps to enhance the consumer experience.


4.  Tamper-evident. Blister packaging is tamper-evident, preventing product theft or tampering.


5.  Blister packaging can be customized in shape according to user needs to meet the packaging requirements of different products.

A modern packaging production line is inseparable from automatic packaging machines. Hoping Machinery’s high-speed intelligent blister packaging machines can meet the blister packaging needs of various products. In addition to blister packaging for facial care and make-up products, our cartoners and end-of-line packaging machines are also capable of subsequent secondary and tertiary packaging.

The final quality of products is closely related to packaging. Manufacturers should pay attention to the additional benefits brought by packaging to products and increase investment in product packaging to gain an advantage in the fierce market competition.




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