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BFS Technology: The Future of Aseptic Packaging


The packaging of aseptic preparations has always been a difficult and high-risk project. With the upgrading of traditional filling production lines, Blow-Fill-Seal aseptic filling technology (hereinafter referred to as BFS technology) has gradually become the choice of more manufacturers. The global aseptic medical packaging market size was valued at USD 44.29 billion in 2022 and this figure is expected to reach USD 73.67 billion in 2029. Up to now, BFS has been widely used in the aseptic packaging production lines of medicine, cosmetics, and other industries.


1.  What is BFS technology

BFS technology is a filling technology that heats and extrudes thermoplastic materials through integrated equipment, forms containers in the same mold, and fills and seals them, and the whole process is continuous and fully automated.

2.  Advantages of BFS technology

The traditional semi-automatic filling production line requires manual assistance in production, and the product is vulnerable to secondary pollution during the packaging stage. In addition, to prevent the deterioration of large-capacity skin care products, a small number of preservatives are usually added during the filling process.


Compared with traditional filling lines, BFS technology has the following advantages:


1)  Fully automatic integrated production. BFS technology avoids artificial pollution and environmental pollution and reduces the interference of human factors in aseptic production. Forming, filling, and sealing are all completed on the same equipment, and the pollution rate can be as low as 0.001%.


2)  Excellent traceability. The entire production process is completed by the computer according to the predetermined program, and the risk factors such as the environment and temperature are monitored by the computer control system according to the set parameters.


3)  The production cycle is short. BFS technology only takes about ten seconds to complete from container forming to filling and sealing, which not only avoids container contamination but also improves production efficiency.



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From the perspective of the development trend of the pharmaceutical industry, the traditional open aseptic production environment and excessive personnel participation can no longer meet the growing demand for the production of sterile preparations. The BFS technology that can realize automation and isolation will become the main trend in aseptic packaging development.



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