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A New Packaging Design for Sleeping Masks


The sleeping mask is a leave-on mask, mainly composed of silicone oil, thickener, and some skincare ingredients, mainly used for moisturizing, or repairing skin damage. Sleeping masks provide consumers with concentrated skin care during sleep at night. Because they do not need to be cleaned up and take effect during sleep time, they meet consumers’ needs to save time for daytime activities, so they are in high demand in the market.



Traditional sleeping masks are usually packaged in glass bottles, but this poses some problems. Due to the large capacity of the glass bottle, it is almost impossible to use up the product at one time, so the package will inevitably be opened repeatedly, which increases the time that the product is in contact with the air. This can accelerate the oxidation of ingredients in the product. In addition, multiple uses of the product result in multiple contacts of the finger, greatly increasing the chances of bacterial growth.



In response to the above problems, manufacturers began to actively look for solutions, and the ‘jelly cup’ came into being. ‘Jelly cup’ is a kind of blister packaging, the cup lid is usually aluminum foil, and the cup body is generally made of PE or PP composite material. This form of packaging allows manufacturers to customize the product according to the user’s usage, and pack small-capacity sleeping masks separately in blisters.



Sleeping masks in blister packaging can be used up quickly, which avoids the problem of cross-contamination caused by the repeated opening of the pack. In addition to sleeping masks, blister packaging is also suitable for other skincare products of the same type, including small-volume cleansing creams, essences, etc. For example, the egg masks of Japanese skincare brands such as deep-bio and cocochi cosme used blister packaging.



Blister packaging offers other advantages as well. Blister packaging is light and easy to carry, which is very friendly to consumers who need to go out frequently. Blister packaging is also tamper-resistant, which is beneficial for small-volume retailing of products, while the excellent airtightness and high barrier properties of blister packaging can ensure that products are not affected by moisture and oxygen.



If your product belongs to the above types, you can consider improving the overall quality of the product by using blister packaging. Our products include a variety of highly automated smart blister packaging machines, you can contact us to learn more about blister packaging equipment and get detailed purchase advice.

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