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Why pharmaceutical manufacturers choose to use blister packaging?


Pharmaceutical manufacturers are responsible for producing safe and effective medicines to ensure that consumers’ health is not negatively affected. To ensure product quality, pharmaceutical manufacturers need packaging that protects products from damage and contamination during transport and storage, and blister packaging has proven to be excellent in this regard. This article will explore the benefits of using blister packaging and what to look for when choosing blister packaging.



1.  Benefits of blister packaging


1)  Protection from physical damage

Pharmaceutical products can be easily damaged, especially during bulk shipments. Blister packaging provides medicine with an extra layer of cushioning that absorbs shock and vibration, reducing the risk of product damage.


2)  Prevent pollution

Pharmaceutical products are also susceptible to contamination from environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and bacteria. Blister packaging provides an excellent seal and barrier to protect products from these contaminants, keeping them safe and effective.


3)  Improve visibility and tamper evident

Blister packaging has good transparency, users can see the contents without opening the package, and blister packaging are also tamper evident, which can help users avoid any potential risks.



2.  Precautions


1 )  Compatibility with the product

Different medicine has different requirements for packaging. Some medications may require special packaging materials such as PVDC or cold aluminum to maintain their stability and potency. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to carefully evaluate their products and select appropriate packaging materials that provide the necessary protection without compromising product quality.


2 )  Comply with regulatory standards

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to adhere to strict regulatory standards set by government agencies such as the FDA and the European Medicines Agency. These standards require manufacturers to use safe, effective, and traceable packaging materials. Blister packaging that meets these standards can help manufacturers avoid costly compliance issues and ensure their products are safe and effective.



Blister packaging is a versatile and effective packaging solution that provides the product with the protection it needs to keep it safe and effective, therefore, blister packaging is being applied by more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers to their products. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to carefully evaluate their products and select the appropriate packaging material to meet their specific needs while adhering to regulatory standards to ensure their products reach users in optimal condition.

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