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The Packaging Process for Tablet and Capsule Medications


Tablets and capsules are common oral medicines. To ensure their quality and safety, these medicines need to go through a series of packaging steps before entering the market. Blister packaging is a common form of packaging for this type of medicine, but it is difficult to directly sell medicine that has only been packaged in blisters. Many countries and regions have extremely high requirements for the safety and traceability of pharmaceutical products, so after primary packaging, medicine needs to go through secondary and tertiary packaging before entering the market. This article will introduce you to the common packaging process of tablet and capsule medications.



1.  Blister packaging

Blister packaging is a common form of primary packaging for tablets and capsules. Its main function is to protect the medicine from moisture, contamination, or damage. Blister packaging is generally made of PVC/PE or PVC/PVDC. It has good sealing and corrosion resistance.



2.  Cartoning

Blister-packed medicines need to be packed into pill boxes, which are used to protect medicines and facilitate carrying and storage. Pill boxes are generally made of cardboard or other composite materials with good moisture-proof and oxidation-proof properties. The pill box is also an important carrier for printing production batch numbers, traceability codes, and other product identification.



3.  Palletizing

The Pill boxes need to be palletized, and these boxes are placed in a centralized manner according to certain rules to facilitate subsequent packaging and transportation. Palletizing can be done manually or automatically, and automated palletizers can significantly improve production efficiency and packaging quality.


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4.  Strapping

The packaging step after palletizing is strapping, which holds the boxes together and prevents them from wobbling or collapsing during transport. Bundling can be carried out with plastic film or adhesive tape, and the bundled products have good fixation and aesthetics.


5.  Packed into boxes

The bundled medicines need to be packed into boxes with good bearing capacity and shockproof performance. Their function is to protect the medicines and prevent the inner packaging from being damaged or polluted during transportation.


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Hoping Machinery’s products include automatic high-speed blister packaging machines, cartoners, and a variety of automated intelligent packaging equipment for secondary and tertiary packaging, which can help you in all aspects of product packaging.


Tablets and capsules need to be packaged multiple times before entering the market. These packaging steps can ensure the quality and safety of medicine and facilitate the production, transportation, and sales of medicine. Pharmaceutical enterprises should pay attention to the quality and innovation of pharmaceutical packaging, to improve the market competitiveness of pharmaceuticals.

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