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The condom market in the Asia Pacific region will continue to grow


Condoms have always played a pivotal role in preventing STDs and making sex safer, and the global condom market is expanding due to the growing awareness of the prevention of STDs. Fortune Business Insights’ analysis shows that the global condom market will grow from USD 5.87 billion in 2021 to USD 10.97 billion in 2028. Affected by COVID-19, the CAGR of the global condom market has decreased. But even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the global market still exhibited a stellar growth of 18.45% in 2020. And condom sales are expected to increase further after the outbreak stabilizes.


The Asia Pacific is the most dominant region in the global condom market. As early as 2019, condoms accounted for 17% of all contraceptives in this region. In 2020, the Asia Pacific condom market size has reached USD 4.6 billion. Analysts at Renub Research believe that the number will rise to USD 6.4 billion in 2030. There are countries with huge population bases in Asia, such as China and India. The improvement of sex education and economic restructuring have promoted the expansion of the condom market. In addition, the Chinese government’s support for the prevention of AIDS and STDs has also contributed to the development of the condom industry.


With the improvement of consumers’ purchasing power, people have a higher pursuit of quality of life. More and more consumers have begun to pay attention to the packaging quality of condoms, and they hope the packaging can improve the safety and comfort of condom use. In 2022, 76.2% of Chinese consumers said that they would first consider whether they have a good experience when buying adult products, which is an increase of 23.4% compared to 2020. In a research report, Renub Research pointed out that apart from the factors of sex education and prevention of STDs, novel condom designs and innovative packaging styles have been one of the major factors promoting the growth of the condom market.


In terms of packaging innovation, the unique avocado-shaped box is gaining popularity. The avocado-shaped box packaging not only solves the problems that traditional tear-off packaging is inconvenient to open and condoms are easily damaged but also solves the problem that it is difficult to distinguish the front and back of condoms before use. At present, Durex, Elephant, Fama, and other brands have launched products packaged in avocado-shaped boxes. As a customer of Hoping Machinery, Elephant took the lead in adopting avocado-shaped box packaging in China as early as 2014, which has been widely praised by Chinese consumers. Today, Elephant has become a popular condom brand among young Chinese.


In order to better meet the needs of condom manufacturers, Hoping Machinery improved the design based on the original model and launched the DPP260TI intelligent plate AL/PL and AL/AL blister packaging machine. The DPP260TI is equipped with a servo traction motor, its performance is stable and its cutting speed can reach 20-35 times/min. In addition to avocado-shaped box packaging, the DPP206TI can also be competent for many different types of condom packaging to ensure that it can adapt to different production tasks.


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