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Freeze-drying is increasingly being used in the production of orally disintegrating tablets (ODT)


As an advanced drying technology, freeze-drying is being increasingly used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Drying technology is an important method to keep substances from deteriorating. Techniques such as drying and spray drying are carried out at temperatures of 0°C and above, which can easily change the properties and shapes of substances, and some of the heat-sensitive components will inevitably be lost. Freeze-drying is to first condense the water in the substance into a solid state in a low-temperature environment, and then sublimate the solid water in a vacuum environment, to achieve the purpose of drying drugs. Compared with traditional drying methods, freeze-drying can make medicines keep higher biological and chemical activities, thereby significantly improving the stability of pharmaceutical ingredients. On the other hand, freeze-dried drugs are easier to transport and store due to their longer shelf life.


Due to the advantages of freeze-drying in preserving biological activity, biological preparations have become the main field of freeze-drying in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, with the maturity of freeze-drying, the types of medicines produced by freeze-drying are increasing, and ODT is one of them.


The ODT is an easy-to-take and portable immediate-release drug that dissolves rapidly after entering the oral cavity simply by reacting with saliva. The ODT is less irritating to the stomach and has high medication compliance, so it is very suitable for the elderly, children, and mentally ill patients. In the past, ODT was usually prepared by the tableting method or molding method, but as pharmaceutical manufacturers have pursued higher product quality, freeze-drying has been gradually applied to the production of ODT.


Compared with ODT produced by other preparation methods, freeze-dried ODT has the following advantages:


1.Disintegrate faster.


The internal structure of freeze-dried ODT is loose and porous, spongy, and easier to disintegrate.


2.The amount of excipients is small.


Freeze-dried medicines do not need to add a lot of fillers and disintegrants, resulting in smaller tablet sizes and helpful for patients with difficulty swallowing.


3.Good stability.


Freeze-drying can quickly remove 95%-99% of the moisture in the substance, which can effectively preserve the active ingredients in the drug.


4.Suitable for the preparation of heat-sensitive drugs.


Freeze-drying is carried out in a low-temperature vacuum environment, which greatly reduces the effect of temperature on heat-sensitive components in pharmaceuticals.


To better serve the manufacturers of freeze-dried ODT, Hoping Machinery has introduced a packaging solution suitable for freeze-dried ODT. We have developed the DPP260K blister forming machine and the DPP260K blister heat-sealing and punching machine. Through the cooperation of these two machines and the freeze-drying machine, high-quality al/al blisters suitable for freeze-dried tablets can be produced. Our machines use plate heat-sealing technology for consistent production performance and flat blisters. The finished blister is provided with easy tearing openings and indentations so that the medicine is easy to take out and carry.


If you are interested in our machines, please contact us through the official website, we will provide you with professional consulting services and introduce more product-related information.


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