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The Application of Control System in Pharmaceutical Packaging


The packaging process of pharmaceuticals is a repetitive processing process with various forms, large batches, high speed, stylized, continuous, and extremely high-quality requirements. Obviously, in the modern pharmaceutical production process, it is almost impossible to complete the packaging of pharmaceuticals with high quality and high efficiency without highly automated, highly reliable, and efficient packaging control equipment and control systems.


1.  Common control equipment in pharmaceutical packaging


Since most of the pharmaceutical packaging equipment is in the form of highly automated, highly mechatronic, and assembled production lines, it has requirements for high reliability, accuracy, and computer system verification. Given the above requirements, most of the current automated pharmaceutical packaging equipment generally use PLC or motion controllers with high reliability and easy system verification as the main control equipment.

2.  PLC


PLC is a digital computing operation electronic system specially designed for application in industrial environments. It uses programmable memory to store and execute operating instructions to control various types of mechanical equipment or production processes.


3.  Motion Controller


The motion controller is a dedicated controller that controls the operation mode of the motor. The hardware composition of the motion controller is relatively simple, and the development cost is low. The code versatility and portability of motion control software are better.



Our blister packaging machines, flow packaging machines, cartoners, and other pharmaceutical packaging machines are equipped with advanced control systems, including Siemens TP900 and SMART1000 series, and Beckhoff series control based on PC-base control system to ensure the excellent efficiency and reliability of our packaging machines.

Pharmaceutical packaging automation has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. It has gradually expanded from a part of the packaging process to the automation of the entire packaging process, the entire production line, and even the entire workshop. The overall automation of the packaging workshop is actually to provide a complete packaging solution for pharmaceutical packaging. With the development of this trend, more and more control systems will be put into it and play powerful functions.

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