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Blister packaging machines are being widely used


Blister packaging is a form of quality packaging commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging, with the development of packaging technology, blister packaging began to be used in more areas. As most modern production use highly automated blister packaging machine, the automated blister packaging line essential blister packaging machine also began appearing in more industries.


In addition to the well-known pharmaceutical packaging and food packaging, many manufacturers of facial masks, electronic cigarettes, condoms, and other products have also begun to use blister packaging machines to package their products, blister packaging machine applications are not limited to the pharmaceutical and food industries. This article will list some of the products that will use blister packaging machines to help you understand more about the application scenarios of blister packaging machines, so you can choose the right blister packaging machine for your product.


1.  Condom packaging


According to a study by iiMedia Research, 76.2% of consumers in China will purchase adult products for a better experience in 2022. In addition to sex education and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, novel condom designs and innovative packaging styles have become one of the major factors driving further growth in the condom market.


In terms of packaging innovation, the use of blister packaging machine production of “Avocado box” is gradually being sought after. “Avocado box” solves the problem of condoms difficult to distinguish between positive and negative, bringing consumers a better experience. “Avocado box” is a kind of blister packaging, its promotion has led to the application of blister packaging machines in the condom industry, but also for condom manufacturers to provide a more diverse packaging option.



To better meet the needs of condom manufacturers, Hoping Machinery has designed the DPP260TI intelligent plate al/pl and al/al blister packaging machine for condom packaging. DPP260TI blister packaging machine is stable and reliable. This blister packaging machine can cut at speeds of up to 35 times per minute. In addition to the “Avocado box”, the DPP206TI blister packaging machine can also handle many different types of condom packaging, providing condom manufacturers with reliable production capacity.


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2.  Electronic cigarette pods


As an emerging type of e-cigarette, pod vapes are highly sought after in the market, and blister packaging machines have been widely used in vape pod packaging. High-performance blister packaging machines produce blister packs with excellent sealing and barrier properties and are lightweight and easy to transport or carry, making blister packs produced by blister packaging machine ideal for the packaging of vape pods.


With the maturity of technology, the production flexibility of blister packaging machines is increasing, and the specifications and types of blister packs that can be produced by blister packaging machines are increasing. Blister packaging machines have excellent customizability and can produce blister packs with different specifications according to product packaging needs. These conditions make it possible for blister packaging machines to be used in the packaging of vape pods.



Hoping Machinery’s DPP series blister packaging machines are all excellent in adaptability, and our blister packaging machines offer high-quality blister packs for e-cigarette manufacturers.


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3.  Cosmetic Trial Set

Along with the fierce competition in the market. Cosmetic manufacturers are offering more product trial packs to attract customers and optimize the consumer experience by using blister packaging machines to produce high-quality packaging. Due to the good seal and low cost of blister packaging, more and more manufacturers choose to use blister packaging machines to produce their product packaging, blister packaging machines gradually into the cosmetics packaging field.



Modern packaging lines are inseparable from automated packaging machines, and high-speed blister packaging machines provide manufacturers with a low-cost, high-efficiency packaging option.


4.  Facial mask


In addition to cosmetic trial packs, the facial mask industry has also begun to use blister packaging machines to produce packaging.


As the global market demand for facial masks rises, consumers are putting forward higher demands for product quality. Facial mask manufacturers have begun to actively explore new forms of packaging to provide users with higher-quality products, and a high-performance blister packaging machine producing high-quality blister packaging has become one of the choices.



To achieve standardized production, each link in the production line has a unified standard, and an automated, intelligent blister packaging machine can reduce a lot of trouble for manufacturers. Now, for sleep masks, egg masks, and other products, high-quality blister packaging cannot be separated from the excellent performance of the blister packaging machine.



As a company with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing blister packaging machines, Hoping Machinery can provide our customers with a wide variety of blister packaging machines. Hoping Machinery’s DPP260M and DPP350M blister packaging machines are optimized for mask packaging. Our blister packaging machines are capable of packaging a wide range of facial mask products, including blister packaging for sheet masks and compressed masks.


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In this competitive market, product packaging is not only a simple appearance, but also a direct reflection of product quality. A blister packaging machine is a highly efficient and intelligent packaging equipment, its wide range of application scenarios and continuous innovation of technology, bring more options and possibilities for product packaging. In the future development, blister packaging machines will continue to make technical progress, for more industries to bring convenience to packaging.


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Hoping Machinery has been committed to the research of blister packaging machines, our products include a variety of types and specifications of blister packaging machines, you can learn more content about blister packaging machines through our official website product page.

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