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A comprehensive guide to blister packaging machines


A blister packaging machine is a kind of equipment used for the automatic production of blister packaging, blister packaging machine in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and other industries has been used. According to the different structures of blister packaging machines, blister packaging machines can be divided into roller blister packaging machines, plate blister packaging machines, and roller-plate blister packaging machines.


This article will provide a detailed introduction to the types, composition, and advantages of blister packaging machines to help you buy blister packaging machines better.


1.  The market prospect of the Blister packaging machine


The blister packaging machine is widely used in the production of a variety of products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronic parts, toys, and other products that require the use of blister packaging, its packaging production will be involved in the blister packaging machine. With the increasing demand for product safety, traditional manual packaging has been difficult to meet the needs of pharmaceutical production, such as blister packaging machines and other automated packaging machines gradually popular.


The global blister packaging market is valued at USD 17.55 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 28.73 billion in 2028. As the global blister packaging market size continues to expand, the market demand for blister packaging machines will also grow.



2.  Components of Blister packaging machine


1)  Workflow


The workflow of a blister packaging machine usually includes pre-heating, thermoforming or press forming, tablet filling, sealing foil heat sealing, and cutting. The workflow of the blister packaging machine includes almost all the processes of blister packaging production. Completing the package forming and filling on one machine is also one of the advantages of using a blister packaging machine.



2)  Components


●  Film strip unwinder

The blister packaging machine’s film strip unwinder is used to place plastic film or aluminum foil, etc., and to provide a unwind speed appropriate to the blister wrapping machine’s packaging speed.


●  Heating station

The heating station of the blister packaging machine is used to warm up the forming film in preparation for thermoforming. Aluminum foil does not need to be heated through the blister packaging machine before forming.


●  Thermoforming station

The thermoforming station of the blister packaging machine generally compressed air to make the plastic film depression on the mold, and the aluminum foil uses the forming mold of the blister packaging machine to press out the depression.


●  Filling station

The product to be packed will be filled into the recesses of the formed hard sheet at this station. Depending on the product, different types of filling equipment can be installed on the blister packaging machine.


●  Sealing station

The sealing station of the blister packaging machine is responsible for sealing the sealing foil on the molded hard sheet containing the drug. The sealing foil and the forming film will be heat-sealed at a constant time and pressure. Depending on the type of blister packaging machine, the heat-sealing temperature will vary.


●  Cutting station

The cutting station of the blister packaging machine is to cut the whole piece of the formed hard sheet containing drugs into the same specifications as the blister pack, so that the production work of the blister packaging machine is completed.



3.  Types of blister packaging machine


1)  Roller blister packaging machine


The power consumption of the roller blister packaging machine is low, and the roller blister packaging machine is simple and easy to operate. The disadvantage of this blister packaging machine is the small forming area and slow production speed. In addition, the roller blister packaging machine is less adaptable, and cannot be competent in too many forms of blister packaging.


2)  Plate blister packaging machine


The plate blister packaging machine adopts plate mold for blister forming, and this blister packaging machine has an excellent forming area and forming depth. The plate blister packaging machine produces flat and beautiful blisters, and this blister packaging machine is also capable of producing blisters of various large sizes and complex shapes.


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3)  Roller-plate blister packaging machine


The roller-plate blister packaging machine combines the features of the first two types of blister packaging machines, and this blister packaging machine has excellent production speed and production continuity. The roller-plate blister packaging machine is highly adaptable and effective and can meet the requirements of large-scale and high-speed production.


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4.  Advantages of blister packaging machine


1)  Production speed and flexibility


●  The use of highly automated blister packaging machines can achieve faster production speeds while reducing the impact of human factors on productivity.


●  The blister packaging machine gives products greater flexibility in production and packaging, allowing pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase or decrease capacity promptly depending on market conditions.


2)  Product quality


●  The blister packaging machine standardizes product quality and improves the traceability of the packaging process.


●  The blister packaging machine can reduce the contact between drugs and the external environment, thus avoiding product contamination.


3)  Production cost


●  The blister packaging machine requires fewer operators, and the use of blister packaging machines helps reduce labor costs.


●  The blister packaging machine has high accuracy, which can improve resource utilization and reduce the loss of package material in the production process.



5.  Blister packaging machine of Hoping Machinery


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