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Increase Productivity with the DHL7005H Blister-Cartoner Line


Pharmaceutical packaging is a vital part of the pharmaceutical industry and is directly related to the quality and safety of medicines. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of medicines, pharmaceutical packaging must be efficient, stable, and safe.


All-in-one packaging lines


When it comes to improving the efficiency of pharmaceutical packaging, all-in-one packaging lines are undoubtedly the best choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers. An all-in-one pharmaceutical packaging line is a line of equipment that integrates several packaging machines into one multifunctional line, thus enabling efficient automated pharmaceutical packaging production.


Production lines consisting of individual packaging machines are generally connected by conveyor belts, within which there is no linkage between each machine, and each production step is controlled by a separate system, which makes the production process uncertain. The all-in-one packaging line solves this problem by controlling all production stages through the same system, so that the various parts work together to complete the packaging task, reducing transfer times and increasing the packaging production’s stability. On the other hand, the all-in-one packaging line operates in a way that reduces manual intervention, thus reducing the rate of errors and possible safety risks in the production process.



As the all-in-one packaging line integrates the functions of several machines, it requires relatively fewer operators and maintenance staff, while reducing the footprint of the machine, thus saving production costs for the company.


DHL7005H Fully Servo High Speed Blister-Cartoner Line Machine


The DHL7005H is a fully servo high speed blister cartoning line developed by Hoping Machinery. The complete set of equipment combines a blister packaging system and a cartoning system, which can produce blister packaging at high speed and smoothly connect to the cartoning system. In addition, the DHL7005H can be equipped with additional strapping, boxing, and palletizing equipment to integrate primary packaging with secondary and tertiary packaging on a single line according to customer requirements.

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As an intelligent, automated, all-in-one pharmaceutical packaging machine, the DHL 7005H offers outstanding performance in terms of productivity, conveying methods, packaging modes, and expandability, as described in more detail below:


1.  Outstanding productivity

The DHL 7005H offers outstanding productivity with blister packing speed of up to 700 boards per minute and cartoning speeds of up to 500 boxes per minute. The ability to synchronize multiple packaging processes with the DHL7005H means that more packaging tasks can be completed in the same amount of time, compared to traditional production methods of transferring between packaging machines, which greatly improves productivity and economic efficiency for companies.


2.  Fully optimized conveying

Our technical team has optimized the traditional packaging line conveying method. The DHL7005H uses Hoping Machinery’s self-developed IRB24 intelligent robot tracking and transfer system for blister conveying, which shortens the line length and improves product stability. The conveying system of DHL7005H is more intelligent and accurate than the traditional conveying method.


With its innovative conveying method, the DHL7005H enables segregated production of the inner and outer packaging, breaking the bottleneck of connections between inner and outer packaging during conveying on this type of machine and reducing the safety risk of pharmaceutical packaging. This segregated production ensures the safety and efficacy of the medicine while avoiding quality problems caused by the contamination of the medicine.


3.  The original mode of cartoning the blisters

We have designed an original cartoning mode for the DHL7005H, which allows it to be capable of cartoning from 1 plate blister packing to 5 plate blister packing and to switch between different packaging modes in less than 1 minute. This mode improves production efficiency and meets the packaging needs of different batches and sizes of pharmaceutical products, making it highly flexible and adaptable.


4.  Excellent expandability

In addition to the standard blister-cartoner line, the DHL7005H can also be connected to the XWK4060 intelligent fully servo stretch banding machine and the ICP12 intelligent fully servo case packer and palletizing integral machine at the end, thus forming a complete pharmaceutical packaging line covering blister packaging, cartoning, strapping, case packing, and palletizing functions. The terminal packaging line of the DHL7005H also offers outstanding productivity with strapping speeds of up to 60 bundles per minute and case packing speeds of up to 12 cases per minute.


In summary, the DHL7005H is a fully servo high speed blister-cartoner line machine that combines high efficiency, stability, intelligence, flexibility, and safety, and it can provide you with all-around protection for your pharmaceutical packaging. If you are looking for a highly efficient, stable, and safe pharmaceutical packaging machine, the DHL7005H is the right choice for you.

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